About us

EVRoaming Foundation

The EVRoaming Foundation manages and supports the Open Charge Point Interface protocol (OCPI) as free, reliable standard worldwide. The ultimate goal is to allow any EV driver to charge at any charging station. The EVRoaming Foundation wants to ensure that OCPI is a sustainable and strong protocol that remains accessible in the long-term. The foundation is not limited to OCPI and can also support other related activities and services. The board currently consists of representatives of Freshmile, Chargepoint, Google Maps, Gireve, Last Mile Solutions and NKL.

OCPI Community

There is a huge OCPI community that contributes to the new OCPI developments and versions, but also helps with installations, all kind of questions from other OCPI users, OCPI based roaming agreements, etc. The EVRoaming Foundation will manage this community.

Community activities

  • Monthly development & marketing sessions
  • Face to face development meetings
  • Test & demonstration events
  • Promotion of supporting organizations (newsletter, social media, website)
  • Roaming contract support


The Netherlands Knowledge Platform for Charging Infrastructure (NKL) is a collaboration of organizations that are involved with the public charging of electric vehicles in the Netherlands. NKL is an independent not-for-profit organisation, set up by EV market players, Dutch central and local government, universities and grid operators with the goal to lower the total cost for charging infrastructure and promote measures for development of a mature market for EV. NKL held the intellectual property of OCPI and led the development of the protocol until the start of the EVRoaming Foundation. More information about NKL can be found at: www.nklnederland.com

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