OCPI Downloads

OCPI 3.0

OCPI 3.0 review version is now available. Besides some architectural improvements, it also contains improved and new modules/services. We aim that these new services can also be used in combination with OCPI v.2.2.1. The ZIP file contains all documents including a review sheet. Anyone who has usable feedback is invited to share it preferable via the review sheet. Negative feedback that is totally not usable will be ignored and removed. Finally it is up to the EVRoaming Foundation to decide what to do with the feedback – everyone can join the Foundation and participate in this process.

Download the review version of OCPI v3.0 incl review feedback sheet

Please send the review file with your feedback to: operations@evroaming.org

OCPI v2.2.1 Direct Payment Module

To support CPOs with payment terminals that are not directly connected to and part of the charge station, e.g. at charge squares and situation with POS terminal in a shop, the EVRoaming foundation developed (with great support of Chargepoint) the Direct Payment module that can work together with OCPI v.2.2.1.

Download Direct Payment OCPI v2.2.1 module

OCPI v2.2.1-d2

The current official release of OCPI is version 2.2.1, with deliverable 2 (“d2”) This OCPI release contains all basic functionalities like tariff, CDR and token exchange, session information and remote tools. The most important improvements compared to OCPI 2.1.1:

  • Support for smart charging
  • Improved CDR-module for billing purposes and for real time transaction information to EV drivers
  • Improved connection to hubs en support for multiple roles and aggregators
  • Signed meter values in CDRs for Eichrecht / Calibration law support

This version is also getting better implementation support; Swagger files will be available soon. Join the community to get the latest information when available.

As OCPI 2.2.1 has some crucial improvement compared to v2.2, v2.2 will not be supported anymore.

Main improvements for OCPI v2.2.1 compared to 2.2 can be found in this file: OCPI v2.2.1 changes

Deliverable d2 has important updates in the description HOW to use the specifications. It should reduce confusion about how to use the specs.

Download the complete OCPI v2.2.1 specs here.

OCPI 2.2.1 is a major step forward. Nevertheless, the community is already looking ahead, because developments in this field are progressing rapidly. Responding to these developments remains important. OCPI continues to evolve.

Joining the EVRoaming Foundation

If you want to join the EVRoaming Foundation and participate in discussing functionalities and improvements, download, sign and return the EVRoaming Contributor Agreement, or contact us if you want more information.

IPR policy
OCPI should be royalty-free for everyone, without any party claiming intellectual property rights. That is the clear vision of the EVRoaming Foundation. To ensure that OCPI will be IPR-free, an IPR policy has been set up. This IPR policy is part of the EVRoaming Contributor Agreement.