Work Group Logistics

The Logistics WG supports accessibility of charge infrastructure for logistic transportation vehicles. “Logistic transportation” refers in this context to all transport related activities to move products in the logistics value chain. With this WG the EVRoaming Foundation aims to

  • get clear view of the needs in the Logistic transport area concerning availability and use of charge infrastructure, improving interoperability, data sharing and harmonization between involved systems and parties,
  • support the realization of needed technical improvements in the EV charging chain.
  • support an open market that does not lead to solutions that create a vendor lock-in

Several Task Groups can be part of is WG.

Task Group Heavy Duty Booking (duration: 6 to 8 month, max until October 2024)

The Task Group HDV Booking (HDV-B) is part of the Logistics WG of EVRoaming Foundation.

The mission of the Task Group is to facilitate the seamless integration of booking features within the Battery Electric Heavy-Duty Vehicle (HDV) market ecosystem through comprehensive analysis, review, and evaluation. To enable a well-functioning booking system, the Task Group will identify and analyse data sharing requirements across the industry value chain, review existing standardization initiatives, and assess complementary data sharing efforts.

It aims to do all the preparations for technical development and implementation needed to support booking of Heavy Duty Vehicles at designated charge stations.


To get ready to implement (business and functional) design for booking of charging stations by fleet operators for high power chargers operated by different operators and accessed via different fleet and mobility service providers.

  1. Create a set Business and Use Cases that are covering the situations for maximum availability, flexibility and usability in the use of charge stations with smooth booking of these charge points
  2. Derive data exchange requirements based on Business and Use Cases
  3. Conduct gap analysis of current standards (including protocols)
  4. The results and deliverables of this Task Group should support an open market and may not lead to solutions that create a vendor lock-in.    


  1. Heavy Duty Vehicles (Trucks and Coaches, min 16 tons) only
  2. Cases for overnight, opportunity charging, depot charging
  3. Evaluate the integration within OCPI, on top of v2.2.1 and part of 3.x
  4. Evaluate, if not possible via OCPI, the most optimal separate accepted way

Membership criteria in the TG and requested commitment 

Criteria for Membership to the TG reflect the goals and focus and include:

  • To support the acceleration of the electrification of the heavy-duty vehicle market.
  • To work in the interest of supporting the deployment and operation of high-quality charging infrastructure dedicated to heavy-duty vehicles.
  • To commit to an open BEV HDV market and interoperability of networks and players endorsed by open industry protocols and standards.
  • To commit to the mission and participate actively towards a timely delivery of the objectives.

Anyone who is interested to join the Task Group HDV Booking, need to be or become a Full Contributor of the EVRoaming Foundation.