evRoaming4EU is a collaboration of organizations from Austria, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. The main objective of this international project is to facilitate roaming services and provide transparent information to consumers by making use of OCPI. The project started in 2018 and will end by mid-2020. A key part of the project involved regional and transnational pilot projects aimed at addressing and resolving functional, technical, legal and fiscal obstacles. evRoaming4EU

Lessons learned from evRoaming4EU projects, pilots and implementations:

  • User centricity: Everything we do as a sector, is intended to promote eMobility and promote the driver experience
  • Growth: The market is increasing rapidly: new actors enter the market everyday, and new roles are invented; they need to connect quick and easy and transparent.
  • Maturity: The market is maturing rapidly; this requires solid support for innovative services and new business models.

Transnational pilots

Under the partnership evRoaming4EU, transnational pilots have been carried out between the Netherlands and Germany; Germany and Austria; Denmark and Italy. In the pilots the system has shown to be stable with high quality of information.

Research on the ideal roaming protocol

Under the partnership evRoaming4EU, the Eindhoven University of Technology (TUe) conducted research on interoperability for EV roaming by analysing the four main protocols in Europe. The results have been published in a three-part report:

  • A comparative analysis of the four protocols
  • Pathways to harmonization in six scenarios
  • Design principles for an ‘ideal’ roaming protocol


ECISS stands for Emobility Communication & Information System Structure, a project financed by the Netherlands TKI Urban Energy – Top Sector Energy. The main aim is to further the development of roaming within the e-mobility sector and to establish a link with smart energy infrastructure and other services. In order to achieve this, ECISS is working on upgrades to OCPI (Open Charge Point Interface). ECISS

Communication structure for smart electric mobility

The ECISS project has developed an architecture diagram which provides insight into the communication and information system for the smart energy market. The architecture connects the domains of Energy, Built Environment and Mobility.