Launch European EVRoaming Foundation

The launch was planned on April 24 during the Nordic EV Summit. As you can understand, due to COVID-19 precautions we are exploring alternative options for this event. We will at a later date announce when and how the official launch will take place and how you can participate. Stay tuned to this website and our social media for the latest info.


We are working towards one open standard for charging electric vehicles by making use of open and independent protocol OCPI. Why? To allow any EV driver to charge at any charging station in the EU. To guarantee roaming according to open standards we introduce the brand new EVRoaming Foundation. We invite you to be part of this open community and celebrate this special moment with us.

Date to be confirmed

Location to be confirmed

EU project evRoaming4EU
The last two years experts from four countries (Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Denmark) have been working intensively together on (trans)national pilots. Technical, legal and fiscal roaming issues were analyzed by participating companies, using the open roaming protocol OCPI. Read more

During the launch we will share the results and insights from this two-year research. We introduce the new EVRoaming Foundation and we present a roadmap of recommendations for the future: what topics have to be tackled in the coming years to speed up cross border charging. You will be invited to join this open roaming community. Will you join us?

Who’s invited?

  • Project partners EVroaming4EU 
  • Local associated partners project EVroaming4EU
  • Board members OCPI
  • Representatives Program EME Europe
  • National funding authorities
  • Other relevant stakeholders for future roaming implementations
  • Everyone present at NordicEVS and interested in these topics

Did you know?
– About 60 international organizations are commited to OCPI
– Roaming platforms GIREVE and EClearing already embrace OCPI
– EU and US: The state of California has prescribed OCPI as the only protocol to be used

Program to be confirmed
The representatives of the four countries share their actual insights and the impact on the cross border roll out of charging infrastructure.

We present: a brand new European organization for EVroaming!
One important conclusion: for a solid European approach on cross border charging we need to guarantee roaming according to open standards (like OCPI). Therefore we introduce the brand new independent EVRoaming Foundation. We are pleased to kick off this new organization and we will present its new members.

The European Future for cross border charging   
What topics should be tackled in the next coming years? We have interviewed several key players in the European field and managed to set up an agenda of recommendations for the future. We will present the agenda and invite you to join us in executing this roadmap in the coming years.

Kind regards!
On behalf of the project team evRoaming4EU

CPH-Electric, – smartlab, Eindhoven University of Technology, ENIO, E.ON, MRA-Electric, NKL Nederland and Stromnetz Hamburg

Launch European EVRoaming Foundation