GIREVE joined the OCPI board in July 2018. As a roaming platform, GIREVE is at the heart of data flows between operators. We implemented OCPI on our platform to give operators and services providers choice regarding the protocol used to connect. This decision is a declination of our moto: acting as an enabler for e-mobility actors and facilitating EV driver’s life by supporting business between operators.

We joined the board because there is a need for governance of the protocol lifecycle. Due to our activity, we think we could have a useful expertise to propose ideas and feed-backs about the governance of the protocol and about the protocol itself. We already implemented OCPI on our platform and we use it with several operators. Based on this everyday experience, we can consider the improvements that need to be developed.

To us, the most important thing is not which protocol is used but which services this protocol enables and how secure it is, so that more and more operators use it and so that roaming, in the end, becomes an obvious reality for everyone.”

Jean-Marc Rives, CTO at GIREVE