Release final version OCPI 2.2

Today the final version of OCPI 2.2. is released. This open and independent protocol aims to simplify, standardize and harmonize the EV market. With this, previous improvements from test version RC2 have been finalized. Read our update

The most important improvements compared to OCPI 2.1.1:

  • Support for smart charging
  • Improved CDR-module for billing purposes and for real time transaction information to EV drivers
  • Improved connection to hubs en support for multiple roles and aggregators
  • Signed meter values in CDRs for Eichrecht / Calibration law support

This version is also getting better implementation support; Swagger files will be available within a couple of weeks. Join the community to get the latest information when available. With this OCPI release, operators and service providers can improve the access to charge infrastructure, with better information about location, availability and cost of charging and with more transparency of the transactions. EV drivers will directly get the benefits.

Michel Bayings, Project Manager: “This is an important step we have all taken together for an independent, widely supported protocol. The protocol is truly a co-production, community-driven.”

Roland Ferwerda, on behalf of the OCPI-board: “We are very proud of the fact that increasingly, OCPI is the standard for Europe and North-America. This final version of OCPI 2.2 is a milestone for all of us.”

Download the specs of OCPI 2.2

Release final version OCPI 2.2