Secured transactions via blockchain and OCPI

The Share&Charge foundation is building a decentralized blockchain system for electric vehicle charging, to support payment and contracts. OCPI is used as protocol for these P2P connections between Service Providers and Charge Point Operators. The combination of OCPI with blockchain technology can result in secured contract and connections between parties and improved payment & settlement.

An example why this can be interesting is that by using this technology as operator you are secured that the service provider can pay for the transactions on your charge stations – otherwise the charge action will not be possible.
This combination of OCPI with Distributed Ledger Technology (blockchain) can be a big step towards further innovations and applications.

Share&Charge wants to actively contribute to the following OCPI extensions:

  • Payments module
  • Credentials module
  • Crypto token enabled tariffs

The foundation organised a Partner Event on March 27th, in which NKL participated. This event can be seen as the starting signal for a new phase in the development of OCPI, and a new step towards carefree electric driving.

The Share&Charge foundation is based in Switzerland, but works on international pilots and projects.

Secured transactions via blockchain and OCPI