Freshmile x Chargemap

Freshmile, France’s largest CPO and Chargemap, France’s largest EMSP deepen cooperation by connecting using OCPI.

By a foggy day in Strasbourg in early December last year, the Chargemap and Freshmile teams met at Freshmile headquarters to celebrate the successful launch of their OCPI connection. Roaming services between Freshmile and Chargemap have been running through OCPI since, allowing tens of thousands of charging sessions for Chargemap clients on stations operated by Freshmile.

Deeper cooperation between both companies was asked for by EV drivers associations such as Acoze France. Hence, the arrangement is primarily designed for the benefit of EV drivers using the Chargemap Pass. Users have now access to a greater number of charging points than with the previous connection through platforms, and they have access as soon as new stations are built and charging points commissioned. Thanks to the agreement passed between both operators, technical and administrative hassle is eliminated, and the newly built charging points are accessible to Chargemap clients on the very day of their opening.

Using a peer-to-peer connection based on OCPI allows Freshmile and Chargemap to improve operational processes. Interoperability becomes less cumbersome to manage for both operators. For instance, when taking over existing networks of charging stations, Freshmile is able to ensure continuity of interoperability agreements: as soon as stations are live on Freshmile CPO platform, they are available to Chargemap clients too.

Arnaud Mora, CEO of Freshmile and Chairman of the EVRoaming Foundation notes that “IT staff at Freshmile and Chargemap developed and tested the connection with ease whereas operational staff were quick to adapt procedures and save precious time on a day-to-day basis. After more than two months of operations, we can confirm that the connection has been remarkably stable and that troubleshooting issues on failed charging sessions has become easier”.

Pictures: credit Chargemap