“Our mission is to make the charging of electric vehicles as transparent as possible. Our clients ask for transparency: they want to know the details of their loading sessions. We can of course provide them with a monthly overview, but most of all they want to have real-time information. OCPI makes this possible. In almost real-time, we can show clients where they have charged, how long the loading session took and what the costs were.

To do this, we need to cooperate with other stakeholders who can provide us on a peer-to-peer basis with all relevant data via roaming. We have made agreements with some providers that use OCPI, and we now want to do this with other providers as well.

After we started to exchange real-time CDRs, our clients immediately responded, and their responses were overwhelmingly positive. We’re of course glad that this service sets us apart, but most of all we’d like to see that all stakeholders offer complete transparency. This is the road to take: in a mature market, the client will simply demand those services.

Some people are reluctant to make the switch to electric transport because they’re afraid they can’t charge everywhere they need, and they don’t know exactly what to expect. OCPI can overcome those doubts. The more OCPI develops and the more stakeholders make use of it, the better it is for the growth of electric transport.”

Koen van Oostende, Interoperability Relationship Manager at Vandebron